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Mobile Web's Arrival


Businesses and organizations now have a robust number of mobile tools to link up effectively with their desired audiences. Advancements in mobile ad units, smart search, native apps, webapps and social media - these tools are now being successfully embraced to drive brand awareness, effective action and loyalty.

Why Biovis?


At Biovis, we are ready to bring our expertise in helping our clients to move into mobile branding and getting them to engage with their customers more meaningfully through great UI experience. We invite you to join us in this exhilarating journey!

Our People

We value trust, integrity, honesty and openness in our work environment. We have a team of dedicated people who thrives in the passion of creating the best website, the best app, the best digital experience, all in the quest to attain that happy state called "personal fulfilment". We believe in ourselves, and in our ability in giving you the best.


KF Lim

Creative Director | Front End Engineer

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Wan Badruddin

Web Developer

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Oliver Georgi

Web Developer

What's Fresh

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What we do

We create more than just aesthetic, functional work - we do it to deliver measurable ROI. No matter what the platform is - digital, mobile, retail and research databases, our main focus is to develop systems that solve problems. Results matters. That's why we are here.



  • - Databases
  • - Creative Search
  • - Web / Tablet / Mobile / Social Strategy & Execution
  • - Strategic Content Development

Social Media


  • - Social Media Strategy
  • - Social Media Campaigns
  • - Personalised eMailer
  • - Channel Management
  • - Corporate Social Responsibility



  • - Appbook Publisher
  • - Content Monetization
  • - Digital Content Distribution
  • - User Research & Usability Testing
  • - Mobile Performance Measurement